Here are the companies/people who I do business with:

PERSONAL LINKS (people I know and trust)

North Western Guns and Ammo – Jeremiah Turner is a gun dealer in Ogden, Ut.  I have been doing business with Jeremiah for some time now, and he is my “go to” dealer when it comes to buying firearms and other items.  If any of you are in northern Utah, and need the services of a licensed gun dealer, look no further than Jeremiah at NWG&A.

The Armed Female – Patty Bennet of The Armed Female is fantastic female instructor.  Patty teaches all women classes, particularly the NRA Women on Target course.  Patty has had me help her with a number of her courses, and some of her students have gone on to take some of my courses.  I know that when a student comes from Patty’s course, that they are SAFE, and know the basic fundamentals of shooting.  If you are a female in northern Utah, or have a wife, sister, daughter, mother, etc that you want to introduce to the shooting sports, do yourself a favor and sign up for Patty’s class.

COMPANY LINKS (companies I do business with)