My name is Mark Jones.  I have been instructing people in Skills, Mindset and Tactics for decades.  Sometimes as a professional (paid), sometimes for free.  I really enjoy helping people learn how to take care of themselves and others when people with evil intent try to force their way into their lives. What sets me apart from most other instructors is my experience level.


USMC - pre ACPS days 1
USMC picture
USMC pre ACPS days
USMC – pre ACPS days

My life experience regarding this topic started when I was in the USMC. I was fortunate enough to serve in a special operations unit within the USMC, and participated in operations around the world.


pre ACPS days
Ron Paul in between presidential campaigns

Even though I left the USMC, I did not leave that lifestyle.  I have held a Concealed Carry permit since I was 21.  (I am a CCW Instructor in the state of Utah.)  I have performed PPD work (Personal Protective Detail – what most people call a bodyguard) – the most famous person I did this for was Ron Paul when he wasn’t officially running for president.


pre ACPS days bounty hunter
Bounty Hunter

I also worked as a Bail Enforcement Officer (fancy name for a Bounty Hunter) in the state of Washington.  We apprehended felons that had jumped bail and were thought to be a danger to society.


The experiences I have had gives me a broad range of information to impart to my students. In other words I can tell you from experience in the real world what works, what doesn’t work and why it works or doesn’t.  That often is the key that helps you understand the things I teach quicker, and faster than other instructors that don’t have my experience, or any experience.

ACPS – Armed Citizen Preparatory School

So…give ACPS a try – I know you will learn some things you won’t learn anywhere else, and I promise we will have fun while training with ACPS.

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