Read what some of the Alumni of ACPS have to say about their experience:

Mark Jones is an excellent instructor! After participating in his Handgun Crawling and Pepper Spray classes, I feel more prepared to effectively defend myself. His focus on mindset, skills, and tactics provided me with the valuable information I need to protect myself and my family. I highly recommend these courses!

stay-at-home-mom - Utah

 ....Once we started, Mark put my wife at ease very quickly with his training style and personality.  His teaching technique of using his real world experience combined with practical use not only put my wife at ease,  she quickly caught on.   This really reinforced to me what he was teaching us.  The teaching technique that Mark uses not only teaches you what to do.  But helps you understand the why’s and how’s, in a very easy format.   In my profession this is called “Features and Benefits”  You see the features, then realize the benefits.   Here are a couple of his comments. “We don’t leave anyone behind anywhere, & that even includes training”…………… “ I don’t care what caused the malfunction, we do not analyze it.  The only thing that matters is fixing it and getting back into the fight”.  This really sums up Marks attitude.  His professionalism is above all other instructors I have trained with.  If you carry, or have any form of protection, then ACPS is the place to obtain your training.  As I informed Mark when we were done.  I can’t thank you enough,  I will be back for more!


Because I believe that my personal safety is my responsibility, I searched for an instructor to teach me how to defend myself using a gun. I am a complete novice when it comes to firing a gun, so I looked for a person who was highly skilled, and more importantly, patient. I talked to a lot of people, and they all said that if I want the best firearms training, I need to train with "tire iron". I ran into T. I. at a gun range, and I knew instantly that I found my instructor.

Mark's (T. I.'s) knowledge of firearms became very apparent to me within the first few moments that we talked. Not only did he teach me how to shoot, but the proper way to hold a gun. He never made me feel foolish by the questions that I asked him. Not only was Mark ( T.I.) very patient, I felt comfortable and extremely safe with him. I can now handle, and fire a gun with confidence.

I am looking forward to furthering my training with T.I. From the highly skilled, to the beginner shooter, I recommend training with T.I.  You will be so thankful that you did. I am a woman, and I would encourage all the ladies to learn how to protect yourself, and get the proper training from T.I. We deserve the best!

Washington State

Mark (T.I.) has been a foundational figure in my training after meeting him in 2003. His contributions to my development span well beyond teaching simple rote skill; the key difference between Mark and other training venues is the "bottom up" approach. You won't learn how to accept knowledge, instead you'll be taught how to think for yourself and apply these skills to dynamic and dangerous situations.

Having trained both with "big name" shooting schools, and private instructors, I can't stress enough the importance of having an instructor who has "seen the elephant", and is not just reciting "shooting" mantra - a dangerous trend in many schools. The difference is tantamount to the contrast between a 'teacher', who instructs you and passes you on to someone else, and a 'mentor', who personally invests his experiences and knowledge in his pupils. Mark is a Mentor.

I give great thanks and credit to Mark, not only for his contributions to my development as a warrior, but for arming me with the knowledge that saw me safely through engagements overseas in Afghanistan, and strongly suggest training with him to all my friends and colleagues.

Washington State

Mark is a fantastic instructor.  Coming from a sport shooting and slow-fire competition background, I had no prior military/law enforcement/defensive shooting experience.  He was able to work with what little I did know to quickly establish the fundamentals and advanced techniques of defensive and combat shooting. This is someone who's been there and done that and can effectively take that experience and impart it to other shooters.

Mark is the epitome of the "quiet professional".  There's no bluster, no big ego or anything else to get in the way of solid effective training.  What impresses me most about Mark is that he never pretends to know everything.  He is willing to adopt or discard a particular technique or piece of gear if solid and objective research shows it works better.  He is constantly learning and not stuck in a rut like some other instructors.

I have been training with Mark for over 10 years now, and while I have also frequented various other schools and instructors, Mark has always provided the absolute most bang for the buck and best use of my time.

author - USCCA ( )

I believe that training is an essential part of firearm ownership.  If you've decided to purchase a gun for family outings where your targets will likely be cans and fruit, good for you.  Chances are you don't need professional training.  But if you've decided that your gun will play an essential role in your protection or that of your family or community, then Armed Citizen Preparatory School (ACPS) is one of the most important decisions you can make.

There are a lot of firearms training schools to choose from, but only one was created and is run by Mark Jones.  That may sound like hyperbole but it's not.  Mark is the real deal.  He brings a unique set of qualifications to the table that are rarely offered outside of military special operations and elite police units.  His decades of real world and global experience make him stand out as one of the best.  At ACPS you'll not only learn what works, but why it'll save your life when you find yourself in the worse possible situation.  You'll learn gun handling skills, that are so good, that they'll often stop the fight before a shooting occurs.  ACPS takes firearms training to a new level where the common approach isn't good enough.  Instead, Mark will teach you skills based on years of refining and streamlining that deliver an approach that is simple, efficient and most importantly effective.

With ACPS you have an opportunity to train with one of the very best.  Someone who the pros look toward when they need to hone their edge.  If you have decided to carry a firearm or if you've come to the realization that your skills are not where they need to be, then ACPS is exactly what you need.  It's the smart choice. 

Firearms Instructor and Author - "The Price of Our Sins"

I have had the pleasure of recieving training from Tire Iron (Mark). In taking a three day course I found him to be a very proficient instructor. He displayed an obvious proficiency in what he teaches coupled with an understated training methodology that both challenges and puts at ease his students.

His depth of knowledge is readily apparent and he is very willing to share any relevant information he has in a truly helpful and never condescending manner, regardless of how basic or obvious the question may seem. This unassuming manner is a rarity in the training world and that alone makes his training well worth the trainees investment of time, money and attention.

His techniques of correction (a necessary component of any trainers curriculum) is to firmly redirect improper thought processes or procedures without denigrating or demeaning the student in any way. Having worked as a staff assistant for a local instructor for a few years I can well understand the frustrations of having to help a student overcome a barrier to progress, whether it is an ingrained physical habit or faulty thought process. However, Tire Iron manages to remain completely unflappable as the student continues to earnestly work with him to overcome the issue and move to the next level.

I can absolutely and without reservation recommend Tire Iron as an instructor and look forward to training with him myself again in the future.


Safety is the first priority, and at a certain point, a great deal of skill is needed to progress in training in a safe manner without compromising the lesson. You are the only trainer I would trust with that. 

Washington State

CCW Class - May 8th - Ogden - FULL

Handgun - Crawling Course - May 10 - Wahsatch Shooters Range - FULL

Pepper Spray Course - May 16 - FULL

Carbine - Crawling Course - May 31 - Wahsatch Shooters Range - 3 slots left

Handgun - Crawling Course - June 28th - Wahsatch Shooters Range - OPEN

Course TBD - July 12th - Wahsatch Shooters Range - OPEN

Course TBD - August 16th - Wahsatch Shooters Range - OPEN